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NMR-technology is utilised for structure determination of many chemical molecules, especially of organic compounds. A bioorganic compound consist primary of carbon-, hydrogen-, oxygen- and phosphorus atoms.

Specific functional groups of the molecule to be investigated are stimulated and this generates signals from the sample. These signals are modulated by the surrounding chemical environment of the atom under investigation and so provide the basis for detection of different functional groups in a molecule.


The NMR-instrument used in our lab is a NMR-spectrometer AVANCE-II 600 from the BRUKER Biospin company. This NMR-instrument has a superconductive magnet with active shield and a field intensity of 14.1 Tesla. This corresponds to a resonance frequency in a 1H-NMR-spectrum of 600 MHz. The spectrometer can be used as a standalone instrument with a sample head for NMR-tubes for measuring of pure substances. Usage of a flow probe head allows its application as a LC-SPE-NMR/MS linked instrument for the investigation of complex substance mixtures.



Continued information:

  • Special NMR-methods
  • Sample need and measure time
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