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NMR service

You require quick and accurate NMR spectra to judge:

  • The success of your synthesis
  • The identity and purity of your starting material or product
  • The composition of a mixture of isomers
  • The structure of an isolated compound

We offer you a simple solution: 1H-, 13C-, DEPT135-, 1H1H-COSY-, APT-, HSQC- and HMBC spectra of your material.


This is how our service works:

  1. Ordering
    Send us your order by filling in the Order Form.

  2. Sample delivery
    Send the sample in a suitable container to the address given in the e-mail.

  3. Sample analysis and delivery of spectra
    We will analyse the sample and send you the spectra by e-mail.

  4. Return of the sample
    If you wish, we will mail the sample back to you at the latest on the next working day.


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