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Metabolomics: What is it and what can it do?

Metabolomics provides a means of analysing an organism's metabolic intermediates both qualitatively and quantitatively. In this respect the quantitative analysis of metabolites in the molecular weight range 50 - 1000 Daltons is of particular interest. These low molecular weight organic compounds are central to understanding processes such as energy linked metabolism in bacteria, plant and animal cells. Typical applications include:


  • Optimisation of growth conditions for cell culture experiments
  • Adaptation of biotechnological fermentation conditions (for example in scaling up bacterial or cell culture growth to industrial levels)
  • Analysis of the influence of a test substance (for example antibiotic or cytostatic agent) on the metabolism of a pathogen
  • Analysis of the mode of action of antibiotics cytostatics and other metabolically active drugs on the metabolism of the host cell
  • Systems biology assessment of metabolic flow in conjunction with proteomic and transcriptomic analyses





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