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Baltic analytics ? High performance analytics from one hand

Individual solutions for individual problems for example


  • You have generated ethnomedical interesting plant -, mushroom -, animal - or related extracts or have isolated pure substances and would like to know if this are new natural compounds or if this are already known structures

  • You have found or synthesized new compounds and long to know the structure and biological activity

  • You have a substance mixture and wonder the contained single compounds

  • You cultivate cells or bacteria and will optimize the culture conditions

  • You will optimize the conditions of your biotechnological fermentation

  • You are looking for mode of action of antibiotics or cytostatics in metabolism

  • You have developed natural cosmetics and long to know the exact composition and mode of action

  • You have known substances and would like to know possible impurities

  • You have to do identity verification of some substances

  • You are interested in quick NMR-analysis


We are experts in modern analytics, metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and investigations of properties.

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