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There has been a renaissance in the analysis of metabolic activity in recent years. Due to rapid advances in Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics new areas have been opened up which require the detailed analysis of primary and secondary metabolism. This new area is referred to as Metabolomics. It encompasses the quantitative characterisation of the metabolites in an organism, their change in concentration over time and their response to external stressors.



The use of modern analytical techniques including NMR-spectroscopy, LC/MS or GC/MS allow for an exact quantitation of metabolites of interest and thus offer the ideal platform with which to guide fermentation and production processes. Spectral data banks with which the metabolites of interest can be identified are available for each of the three analysis systems and these data banks are being constantly extended.

  • 1H-NMR-Spektra:  AMIX®-Bruker NMR reference spectra data bank
  • GC-MS:  NIST Data bank of mass spectra


The choice of the appropriate analysis system depends largely on the nature of the metabolite to be analysed and the concentration range of interest.



Further information

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